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Our Story


My husband and I are soon to be a family of 6! We welcomed our firstborn son, Caleb Beau, in July 2016 – only a year after our wedding and then our first princess, Olivia Joy, 15 months after in 2017!  Our 3rd baby, Darla River, joined us 15 months after Olivia in 2019 making us parents of 3 under 3! And now we are getting ready to welcome our 4th baby in less than 4 years in Sept. 2020! We reside in sunny South Florida but I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY and my husband is from Colombia.  After becoming pregnant with my first baby, like most women, I was scared of not just becoming a mother but also what toll pregnancy would take on my body because of the overload of information I found on the internet and pretty much everywhere I looked: TV, movies, books, etc.  Mostly everything out there is NEGATIVE.  There’s no wonder why most people do not want to become parents any time soon.

That's why I decided to blog - to share the exact opposite and spread a bit of positivity and love in pregnancy and motherhood!  Now, a year and a half later, after carefully reviewing mom and baby products as a blogger, I finally opened up A Raad Shop.  Here you will find handpicked mama and baby items for the modern mama as well as my own creations. 

Now, hold that coffee mug and shop away! 


Joceline Raad - A Raad Story

A Raad Story - And then there were 6